May 1, 2016

Fishing has been great this past week. We got offshore this past week a few times and each trip we found Mahis. We found them on the troll, but the school responded really well to live baits and that is how we landed the majority of out fish. We did get into a few Mahis on the fly as well. Other than that I have been doing mostly Tarpon fishing and the bite is slowly becoming more consistent. Yesterday we finished the day 2 for 3 on them and we hooked all 3 fish in the last hour. Today is the first day of Grouper season so we're going to see if we cant find any keepers close by because we have some wind today and we can't get out to where we want to be.   

April 17, 2016

We have had some really nice weather this past week and the fishing has been pretty good. We are starting to see more schools of tarpon pushing in and we are seeing them in up on the flats now too. The Tarpon bite in the harbor has still been hot and cold, but that should get more consistent as season moves forward. We had a great night tarpon bite a few nights ago way up to the east. They were blowing up schools of Mullet so we were casting large baitfish flies at them and it worked well. I fished way out in the Gulf yesterday on some wrecks. It was decent fishing, with a lot of nice size Snappers and a Goliath Grouper, but we didn't find any Cobia out there. The Sailfish bite offshore has been great and we got a lot of bites using live ballyhoo. This week might even be better for it because we are getting a good northeast wind. We are also starting to see some big Mahi showing up way offshore  

April 7, 2016

The reef has been great this past week. There have been some nice size yellowtails, a few Mutton Snapper and other species around. The Permit have been showing up around the reefs and wrecks to spawn as well.  The Tarpon bite slowed up earlier this week when a cold front pushed in, but the bite should be getting better over the next few days. The Sailfish have been showing up in better numbers and this a good month to fish them. Also, the wahoo bite has been pretty good offshore.     

March 30, 2016

Today I fished on the center console, we looked for tarpon early, but we weren't seeing a lot. We switched gears and went out to the reef and it was great fishing out there. We caught a big Mutton Snapper and a nice Yellow Jack, along with a bunch of Yellowtail Snappers and a couple Blacktip Sharks. The flats fishing has been pretty good recently. We got a Barracuda on fly yesterday and the day before that we saw a lot of tarpon and we got 1 bite on fly, but we pulled the hook pretty quick. The  offshore Tuna bite was great on Monday, we caught 12 Blackfins on a half day trip, along with Bonitas and Skip Jacks. I'm really looking forward to fishing in April.  

March 19, 2016

I've been fishing a lot this past week. We have had some great weather and we have been seeing a lot of fish. The main goal for the past week has been Tarpon and Permit on fly. We have been seeing Permit everyday and we have had a number of good shots, but we cant seem to get one to take the fly. The Tarpon have been showing up in good numbers as well. We have had a lot more success with those ones on fly. The night bite for the Tarpon has been awesome. 

March 4, 2016

Ive been fishing a lot in the back country recently and I'm starting to see more Tarpon showing up. There have been some light winds the last couple days and we've been getting a few bites on the fly rod, but we've been having trouble keeping them attached.  They seem to be eating live baits pretty good right now though.  I've also been seeing some Permit around too.  The bite in the Gulf has been great, here have been some nice Snappers, Kings and Cobias.  

Feb. 25, 2016

I've been fishing the last few days. This past weekend we fished offshore for Sailfish, we went after them with live baits on the kite. We only had 1 Sailfish bite, but we landed the fish. It was a big fish and look about 25 minutes to get it next to the boat.  Other than that we just had some encounters with toothy fish. The last 2 days we spent in the backcountry and that has been awesome.  Tuesday afternoon we we started looking for Permit, we only saw one Permit and it refused our fly. There was a lot of life on the flats though, with Barracudas, Sharks and Rays. We switched gears later in the afternoon and went to look for Tarpon. Theres been a lot of Tarpon around and when the weather has been warm enough, they have been eating.  We went 0-3 on fly, jumping 2 off and 1 chaffed through the shock tippet. Its always awesome to watch those big fish slurp flies. Yesterday I went out with my buddy on his boat to look for Cobia on fly. We had a great day, catching 3 on fly and a couple on spin gear. The bull sharks were terrible and we lost a few Cobia to them, but it was still a great day. We had a cold front push in last night so we will see what that does to the fishing.     

Feb. 16, 2016

We fished offshore yesterday in very calm seas.  The pilchards are still really hard to come by, but we had some other live baits. We spent some time trolling with dead baits and artificials, looking for Blackfins and Sailfish, but we were only catching Bonitas. We started live baiting on a wreck, but the live baits were not that affective either. We had a few bite offs, but the Blackfins never showed up.  We caught a really nice Mutton Snapper on the jig on the first drop and we hooked a few other things on the jig after that, but they either got sharked or they took us into the wreck.  The Jig seemed to be working, but we just couldn't get anything past the predators.      

Feb. 13, 2016

Fishing has been pretty good this past week in the Keys. There has been a good Tuna bite offshore along with a couple Sailfish and Wahoos.  We went off offshore a few days ago and got a few Tuna on vertical Jigs, later on when they came up, we got them on Hogy Lures.  We couldn't find pilchards anywhere so we were trolling, jigging and casting artificials.  We fished the back country yesterday, we saw a lot of cudas on the flats, but we only got about an hour of fishing in before a hook found its way into my leg.   

Feb. 7, 2016

We this just got done fishing the Cuda Bowl on the flat skiff.  We had a poor showing in the Cuda Bowl and we didn't catch anything big enough to qualify.  We wound up only fishing 1 day because of weather and we did not even got 1 full day in for us before we were chased in by rain.  We did catch a Tarpon on fly when we were pre fishing the Cuda on Bowl on Thursday.  It was warm on Thursday and we saw some fish rolling around so we casted at them for a while.  It was good to see some Tarpon showing up already.   

Feb. 3, 2016

Yesterday I had a 4 hour trip in the morning on the center console and with a strong southeast wind we ran into the Gulf to fish.  We started at a shallow wreck and that was our best spot.  We caught some big Snappers and a nice Red Grouper that unfortunately we had to throw back.  After a while we started getting covered up with Blue Runners and small Snappers so we made a move to deeper spots.  The deeper wrecks were not as productive for us, just a bunch of small fish.  Earlier in the week, we had some nice weather and good fishing in the backcountry on the flat skiff. We caught a few Cudas and Jacks on fly, but there was a lot of life on the flats with some warmer weather pushing in.  We saw a few Permit, but we never had a good shot at them with the fly rod.  This weekend I'm fishing the Cuda Bowl, so we will be looking for big toothy critters on the flats.     

Jan. 25, 2016

Today we fished the patch reefs and rock piles to the south. The first spot was slow, but as we were a about to to leave a big Cobia came up in the chum so we fed him a pinfish. After a pretty long battle we landed the Cobia and it was well over 40lbs. We still didn't have a lot going on after that so we hit a few different spots. We had a steady pick at Grey and Yellowtail Snappers throughout most of the day and we ended the day with a nice Mutton Snapper. Overall, it was a nice day with plenty of action and good eating fish. 

Jan. 12, 2016

Just arrived back from a week in Louisiana. I brought my flat skiff up there to catch some redfish. We had pretty terrible weather almost all week, most of our days were cut short and some days we didn't even make it out on the water, but we did manage a few fish. We got a really nice fish at the end of the week when the sun finally came out. It was a lot of fun to fish with all the guys at and I can't wait to see the footage they got.  

Dec. 23 2015

We went out in the back country yesterday afternoon. We tried fishing some mud slicks in the basins, but it didn't really produce for us.  It was pretty warm out, but the slicks looked good. We then went out further north to work some flats on the gulf side. There were birds and jacks blowing up schools of ballyhoo everywhere and it was non stop for a few hours. As we were poling across the flats there were jacks just spraying bait all around the boat.  After catching a bunch on fly and because we were tired, we took the hooks of poppers and just started casting into the schools just to see the bite.   

Dec. 9, 2015

We fished on the center console today. Originally our plan was to go into the Gulf, but it was still a little choppy out there due to the Northeast wind. We changed our plan and started fishing the patch reefs out front. We got a few Yellowtails and some Grey Snappers. There were also a lot of Jack Crevalles in the area and we caught a few on fly and spinning gear, but we needed meat so went out to the Reef line. Out there we caught a bunch of Yellowtails, a nice Cobia and few other species. All around it was a good day, with some action and great tasting fish.   

Nov. 28, 2015

It has been blowing hard Northeast for the last week so we haven't been doing a lot of fishing. We tried to brave the elements on wednesday, but it was to much and we turned right around.  However, we did manage to fish the back country yesterday (friday), but it was slow and blown out. We caught some Snappers and a Jack Crevalle but the conditions were pretty terrible. The winds laid up a little today and we were able to get offshore and target sailfish with live baits. We went 2-3 on Sailfish and had other action with Kingfish and Barracudas. 

Nov. 21, 2015

I took my friend Bunky and his party out to do some reef fishing on the center console yesterday. It was decent, we wound up catching a bunch of yellowtails for dinner, amongst some other species. We fished in the Gulf the day before and that was more productive for us. We caught a variety of Snappers, Mackerels, Sharks, Barracudas and Groupers. They brought all the fillets to the Boathouse for dinner. They cooked them up a few different ways and it was a great meal. 

Nov. 17, 2015

We have spent the last couple days fishing offshore in rather sporty conditions. Using a lot of live baits, pilchards and some goggle eyes. The pilchards have been thick around Key West and easy to get a net on them. There have been a lot of Bonitas and Blackfin Tunas around the wrecks and the bite has been great on pilchards, even got a few Cobia as well. We got 1 sailfish bite on a live Google Eye on a kite, but we jumped it off.  Also, there has been some Kingfish and Barracudas eating too.