Feb. 25, 2016

I've been fishing the last few days. This past weekend we fished offshore for Sailfish, we went after them with live baits on the kite. We only had 1 Sailfish bite, but we landed the fish. It was a big fish and look about 25 minutes to get it next to the boat.  Other than that we just had some encounters with toothy fish. The last 2 days we spent in the backcountry and that has been awesome.  Tuesday afternoon we we started looking for Permit, we only saw one Permit and it refused our fly. There was a lot of life on the flats though, with Barracudas, Sharks and Rays. We switched gears later in the afternoon and went to look for Tarpon. Theres been a lot of Tarpon around and when the weather has been warm enough, they have been eating.  We went 0-3 on fly, jumping 2 off and 1 chaffed through the shock tippet. Its always awesome to watch those big fish slurp flies. Yesterday I went out with my buddy on his boat to look for Cobia on fly. We had a great day, catching 3 on fly and a couple on spin gear. The bull sharks were terrible and we lost a few Cobia to them, but it was still a great day. We had a cold front push in last night so we will see what that does to the fishing.