Feb. 3, 2016

Yesterday I had a 4 hour trip in the morning on the center console and with a strong southeast wind we ran into the Gulf to fish.  We started at a shallow wreck and that was our best spot.  We caught some big Snappers and a nice Red Grouper that unfortunately we had to throw back.  After a while we started getting covered up with Blue Runners and small Snappers so we made a move to deeper spots.  The deeper wrecks were not as productive for us, just a bunch of small fish.  Earlier in the week, we had some nice weather and good fishing in the backcountry on the flat skiff. We caught a few Cudas and Jacks on fly, but there was a lot of life on the flats with some warmer weather pushing in.  We saw a few Permit, but we never had a good shot at them with the fly rod.  This weekend I'm fishing the Cuda Bowl, so we will be looking for big toothy critters on the flats.