July 8, 2016

We spent the last few days fly fishing on the flats. We spent a good bit of time looking for Tarpon, we had some decent shots, but no hook ups. There are still some tarpon around, but we are seeing a lot less fish then last month. Thats to be expected as we get to the end of season, but there should still be some fishing hanging around for the next month or so. We did see a lot Permit last week and we got a few of them on live crabs. I've also been doing a lot of deep dropping offshore from 500 feet to a 1000 ft. Thats been great, there has been a lot of Golden Tilefish, Blue Line Tiles, Snowy Groupers and Rose Fish. We've had a few schools of Mahis come around the boat when we've been deep dropping and we got a few of these on fly and lite spinning gear. They didn't have much size to them though.